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“A breakthrough . . . an essential resource for every Waldorf teacher who wants to insure that good reading takes place in his or her class!”—Bonnie River, M.Ed., Co-founder Gradalis Teacher Training Program

“An incredible compilation of Waldorf and public-school methods that can be used both by private Waldorf teachers and public-school teachers.”Bethany Chaffin, M.Ed., Administrator: San Diego County Teacher of the Year, 2014

“This book will be a bible for early grades teachers! Educators will have everything they need to teach early literacy in one easy-to-use reference.”—Heather Handy, M. Ed., Class Teacher and School Mentor

Waldorf Book Review: The Roadmap to Literacy October 23, 2018 by Meredith Lloyd Preston of A Waldorf Journey

“The Roadmap to Literacy: A Guide to Teaching Language Arts in Waldorf Schools Grades 1–3” by Carrie Dendtler of the Parenting Passageway