Meet the author of The Roadmap to Literacy Books

Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl is a private remedial specialist and the author of The Roadmap to Literacy Books.

Jennifer graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Russian Studies (1994) and went on to complete two years of graduate work at The University of Kansas in Slavic Languages and Literatures before admitting to herself that she was in the wrong field. She took a job at Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes teaching remedial reading, math, and language comprehension and realized that she had found her vocation. She returned to school to get a degree in Waldorf education (Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, 2005) and has been working with Waldorf education ever since. She has taught hundreds of Waldorf students and trained scores of Waldorf teachers.

The inspiration to write The Roadmap to Literacy came when Jennifer realized that most of the Waldorf students with reading and spelling problems fit a profile. She could explain the roots of their problems (and how to fix them) by using her background in foreign languages and linguistics. She partnered with Janet Langley, Waldorf mentor teacher, to write The Roadmap to Literacy (2018/2021), a book which combined Jennifer’s knowledge of modern best practices for teaching the English language with Janet’s knowledge of Waldorf best practices.

Jennifer wrote the sequel Continuing the Journey to Literacy: A Guide to Teaching Language Arts in Waldorf Schools Grades 4 through 8 (2020) by herself. In researching Steiner’s indications for teaching language arts in subject blocks, Jennifer inadvertently compiled the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum grades 1–8, including what to teach, how to teach it, and why to teach it.

Jennifer’s third book is The Roadmap to Literacy: Renewal of Literacy® Edition. It fixes the number one thing teachers are doing wrong when they use the book. It also contains the proof that Roadmap aligns with Steiner’s indications (and corrections where it diverged). The Roadmap to Literacy: Renewal of Literacy® Edition shows how to achieve the balance necessary to renew literacy—for the 21st century and beyond.

Jennifer is the creator of Renewal of Literacy®. It is both the support website for The Roadmap to Literacy Books and the name of the online school for the books. It shows how to achieve a renewal of education—through a renewal of literacy.

Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl lives with her husband and their two cats.

Meet Jennifer’s co-author for the original edition of The Roadmap to Literacy.

Janet Langley is an experienced Waldorf teacher and mentor. She walked into her first Waldorf classroom in 1986 and was instantly enamored with what she saw unfolding before her eyes: the warm environment, the enthusiastic students, a permeation of the arts, and the palpable love that existed between student and teacher. This experience led her to enroll her daughter in a Waldorf School and ultimately to become a teacher herself. (Rudolf Steiner College 1993, B.A. Waldorf Education) Janet graduated her first Waldorf class in 2001 and her second class in 2008. She has since been a school mentor, evaluator, and teacher training instructor. Currently she offers several workshops including; Teaching Literacy in Waldorf Grades 1-3 and Working with Consensus as a Spiritual Deed. Besides co-authoring The Roadmap to Literacy, Janet is co-creator of the website:, a free resource for Waldorf teachers with thousands of ideas for teaching grades K-8.

Although her work as a mentor and adult educator has been very rewarding, Janet’s greatest joys have been derived from the wonderful connections she still has with her former students. She has witnessed college graduations, marriages, held new babies, and rejoiced as these special young adults embark upon careers that are both supportive of society and personally rewarding. 

Janet likes to travel the world with Jerry, her husband of over 45 years, ski, read, play golf, swim, go for walks in the woods, and spend as much time as possible with her daughter and two grandsons.

Note: Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl and Janet Langley are the authors of the Roadmap to Literacy (2018/2021). There was a third party's name on the 2018 edition: Patti Connolly. Patti Connolly is neither co-author nor contributor (author) of The Roadmap to Literacy. For official information about Patti Connolly's involvement, please click here to read what is on file with the US Copyright Office.  

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